Trapped President

My stomach churns whenever ~CNN Reporters address Donald Crook Trump as President who became the President by deceit. the World knows The Right Honourable Hillary Clinton had scored  4 million more votes than the Crook Trump. I am a little excited now after hearing the news that he is  heading towards the iron gate with the 9 bars dressed in orange dungaree to match the colour of his implanted hair collected surreptitiously from a dead orangutan!  He doesn’t know the meaning of truth, morality, ethics, civility, social etiquette or the English Language. He thinks he can buy anyone. Lying is mother tongue.  His God is “MONEY” that he gets by devious means. The gullible Americans think he is a businessman. I disagree. It is an offence to the term “businessman”  to brand him as one of them. He has never been a businessman. He has always been a crook and a thief but got away for so many years without being caught. His ingeniousness must be congratulated however, all good things will have to an end and he has reached his limit.

I cant wait to get the returns on my £20 bet at 50/1 for him counting the 9 bars before 2025.

PS: Ideally, I would also like to see the following people joining him behind bars with the appropriate uniform: Kelly Anne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Stephen Millar, Sean Hannitty, Steve Mnuchin, Rudy Giuliani and Rupert Murdoch.

PPS: His wealth accrued through crime should be confiscated and the proceeds should go the Federal Reserve.

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