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Leopard never changes its spots

Leopard never changes its spots; so is Trump who cannot change his character. If you think the imposition of Emergency is to solve the current Coronavirus problem you are either a Trump’s Supporter or a Putin’s Supporter; nobody else would believe Trump would ever do any rational or compassionate thing.

I predicted  in 2017  in the website that Trump would wait for an opportunity to declare Emergency  to cancel any future elections in order to prolong his Presidency .  It has happened. He will soon introduce Draconian tactics as well as bribing the Republican Senators and Congressmen to change the Constitution to give him absolute power equivalent to a 16th Century King.  I PREDICT THE SCHEDULED PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN NOVEMBER 2020 WILL NOT TAKE PLACE AND I WILL NOT BE SURPRISED IF HE BRINGS IN TREASON CHARGES AGAINST CHUCK SCHUMER, NANCY PELOSI, JERROLD NADLER AND ADAM SCHIFF.

Coronavirus was not God sent for Trump but it was manufactured by Israel and dispatched to Iran’s nuclear facilities   for trial and the Iranian workers who were sent to China took the full brunt of it.

Israel do have the antidote for the Coronavirus but it will not be released until Trump or Boris Johnson  asks  for it. Conspirators  of this heinous crime are HAARP, Illuminati and the  Bilderberg Group

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