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Golden opportunity for an Imminent Solution to Racism


Racism is not like a seasonal flu. Racism in engrained in the very core of one’s mind and Soul, nurtured and  maintained by the system. Glorification of past crimes is a pride fashion and integral to the society.  The British Government should consider ceasing the practice of celebrating  Colonial Period war victories. These celebrations  only add fuel to the grudge and discord that are help by the victims of the Colonial Rules. The starting point to address the Racism issue must be the British Government’s (1)  acceptance of their mistakes during the colonial period. (2) Ban formation of political parties  having race discriminations  based on colour of skin and preferential treatments for the Whites (3)Treat racial discrimination an  offence like motoring offence  with statutory penalties. (4)  Revoke rights of politicians contesting Parliamentary seats  or  Council Membership seats if the ever  indicated skin colour  is important in Politics. The public should be made aware of the consequences of Racist behaviour like they are aware of other minor crimes like Shop-lifting, illegal parking,  Speeding or drunken and disorderly. At present  calling a person Wog, Nigger, Pommy is supposed to be illegal. This types of silly rules do nothing to promote racial harmony. These words are not offensives as f………g c..t or Effing b……d. When people getting into arguments their natural language  come into play. If you call a black man nigger doesn’t generally intensify the argument nor does it prove the one used the word is a racist. In the Tamil community we use the translated word of nigger ot imply someone is naughty.  Mothers very often use this word to tell their children off. The other word I have heard calling me ‘Paki’ an I returned the counter part of this word.  If we stop taking these trivialities seriously, then  we can  consider exposing and addressing  serious racial crimes.

The silliness of the American Judiciary has never failed to amaze me. The victim in the hands of Brett Kavanaugh , a Supreme Court Judge was slandered and libeled by the President of the Country. A clearly written report on the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election was interpreted by the Attorney General of the Country as nothing worth was reported. Now in front of video cameras a black man was handcuffed, put on the floor and three uniformed police officers stood over him and one policeman put his knees on the hapless man’s neck and murdered him. It took over a week and a country wide protests and property damage costing billions before the four thugs were arrested.

A word from the president or the Head of the Police Station in Minneapolis stating an arrest warrant has been issued (or would be issued) for the four policemen would have saved the Nation of the mayhem that it has gone through the past few days. Instead the nutty President ordered to use rubber bullet and tear gas on the protesters to make way for him to attend, unusually, to a Church for a Photo Opportunity for the impending Election.

Christiana Amanpour asked James Clyburn the US House Majority Whip today at a CNN interview if the murder of George Floyd was the tipping point for addressing the Race Discrimination. He gave an affirmative reply. I disagree.
The person single-handedly promoting crimes, racism, riots, looting and all misdemeanors is Donald Trump who uses certain language exposing his mind-set. The typical words are crooks, thugs, dishonest, fake news etc.. All these words describing the mirror image of him. He is a crook, he is a thug, he has always been dishonest, he manufacture fake news and disinformation every minute of his life.
Police brutalities have been endemic for decades in all White/English majority countries. Every killing of a black, brown or the Brazilian Jean Charles da Silva de Menezes, murdered by London Police was predicted to be a tipping point; never materialized; rhetorics, loud debates in Parliaments, demonstrations, all promises and hopes fizzles out. Therefore George Floyd’s murder will make no difference. However, there will definitely be an imminent solution if the four legalized Police Thugs along with the master thug Donny Trump were arrested and put behind bars. Such action will send a stern warning to the KKK’s and the so called White Supremacists as well as to all the Racists in the World. Racism is not acceptable under  any circumstances.

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நாட்டின் பல பகுதிகளில் கடுமையான வெப்பம்; அவதானமாக செயற்படுமாறு அறிவுறுத்தல்


தமிழக முதல்வருக்கு பிறந்தநாள்; பாரதிய ஜனதா கட்சியினர் சீன மொழியில் வாழ்த்து

John David

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