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Arrest Donald Trump now before the planned catastrophe on the Independence Day

My prediction about American Politics.

The Master Crook Donald Trump and his cronies have been berating about Trump getting back into the Whitehouse to resume Presidency by August 2021. They are not joking as we all witnessed the insurrection  by the Trump’s hoodlums  on the 6th January 2021. They have been counting on the  cancellation of the reconfirmation process by the Congress  of the Election results they have planned on that day, hence   the  Plan B.  Michael Flynn’s flippant behaviour and the touting by Sydney Powell should give us some idea of their mindset. Remember, in  the interview given by Pompeo, he said “there would be an inauguration on the 21st January 2020  for Trump’s second term”. Their preparation was restricted to control the Police only but not the military to prevent interference to White Supremacists’ mayhem.

The conspirators have planned  the next  attempt  to be on the 4th July 2021 , the Independence Day to take over the Whitehouse. The preparation includes collusions not just with the Police but also with the Military.

There will be multiple murders in the Capitol Hill. The perpetrators will include Police, Military Personnel and some members of  FBI, CIA and Homeland Security Personnel. They will however dress up as Qannon, KKK and sympathisers of White Supremacists clans.

The Target will mainly be Lloyd James Austin III, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and many members of the congress who have been prominent lawyers. All Diplomats who support the Biden Administration will be removed or eliminated.  Communications among Embassies will be severed. This will be followed by the shutdown of CNN, Washington Post and New York Times. Fox News and other Rightwing media will go in  overdrive to propagate the disinformation propaganda to justify the insurrection.

Any rational Members of the international Community will have been deprived of all possible recipients of their opinions.

Finally, Trump’s Personal Assassins Squad will be briefed to eliminate all those give any indication of descent to Trump’s dictatorship plan.

Can this be stopped?

Probably YES only if this article gets published nationally and internationally. followed by the arrest of Donald Trump before  the end of June 2021 or sooner.

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