Tamils Worldwide

This is a list of Tamil population by nations.

Country % of Tamils in Host Country Year of Census Tamil Population
Australia 0.30% 2016 73,161
Bahamas 7,000
Cambodia 1,000
Canada 200,000
China 5,000
Denmark 7,000
Fiji 80,000
France 125,000
Germany 50,000
India 5.70% 2011 69,026,881
Italy 25,000
Malaysia 6.70% 2012 1,800,000
Mauritius 5.83% 2011 72,089
Myanmar 2018 100,000
Netherlands 20,000
New Zealand 3,000
Norway 10,000
Qatar 4,000
Réunion 120,000
Seychelles 4,000
Singapore 5.00% 2010 188,591
South Africa 250,000
Sri Lanka 15.40% 2012 3,135,770
Sweden 2,000
Switzerland 40,000
Thailand 10,000
United Arab Emirates 10,000
United Kingdom 300,000
United States 2009–13 190,685
Vietnam 3,000


See also

• List of territorial entities where Tamil is an official language


• Mother tongue Tamil.
• Sri Lankan Tamil and Indian Tamil only. Sri Lankan Moors and other ethnic groups whose mother tongue is Tamil are excluded.
• Another source puts the Tamil population in Malaysia at 1,060,000.
• Canada Census 2011 tables show the Tamil population in Canada at 131,265.
• Resident Indian Tamil population. Another source puts the Tamil population in Singapore at 200,000.
• Tamil, Tamil Hindu and Christian Tamil. Another source puts the Tamil population in Mauritius at 115,000.

The despicable but ingenious manipulation by the Terrorists Government of Srilanka by presenting the Liberation Tigers of Thamil Eelam (LTTE) as a terrorists organisation, countries like China, USA, Great Britain, Russia, Pakistan, Israel and ‘India have provided Intelligence, Military assistance and above all Black Propaganda against the LTTE to eliminate the Tamil Group in 2009. The only consolation is the birth of TGTE (Transnantional Government of Tamil Eelam- website: based in New York under the leadership of Visvanathan Rudrakumaran , a New York based lawyer who was elected by the Tamil Diaspora unanimously. It has all the structure of a Government without a country but operating from a hostile country that helped the misdeed of the Terrorists State of Srilanka. It is important the readers to understand that LTTE has never ever carried out any violent activities outside Srilanka during its 40 year existence, yet LTTE was listed as an International Terrorists Organisation by the International Community.

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