Extraordinary Tolerance of the US Senators

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The only explanation that I can come up with for the behaviour and the extra ordinary tolerance of the US Republican Senators of Trump’s unbridled series of crimes and law breaking on a dialy basis is that these Senators were bribed and threatened with physical violence to them and their families. There are evidence of him using henchmen to issue threats to those opposing him. The Porn Star Stormy Daniel was threatend at a car park where she was taking her baby out of the car when  a  stranger showed up and said that  “it is a pity that the beautiful  baby may not have her mother”. She produced photographic  evidence to have had sexual relationship with Donald Trump who paid her $150,000 to keep her quiet but she went public with the story and earned the death threat!

It is sad that a great country like USA is run by a gang of  criminals. The Whitehouse has been thrills out of breaking the Law for the past two  years

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