What is happening to humans today in the world

A mere 4% of the World’s population shares 26% of the World’s Corvid-19’s death toll. It is none other than Trump’s Great USA

World Population: 7.8 Billion. Population of USA:334 million. Worldwide Corvid-19 infected: 2,956,073. Worldwide death toll: 205,724 USA death toll: 54,435 out of 957,016 infected. Trump is a self-proclaimed winner on everything. He leads the world on the death toll! He is heading for a landslide topping of 60,000 before the end of this month. 26% of total death toll o the World is from Trump’s USA

His latest drivel: People should consider injecting themselves with bleach or domestic disinfectant as they seem to kill the Covid-19!

A CNN reporter suggested that a warning notice should be put outside Trump’s mouth stating ” Warning” Whatever comes out of this hole might be dangerous to human lives”

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Expression of winning! He has scored 55,000 deaths; more than any wars.




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