Now not time to give up on Ukraine, Johnson to tell G7

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will promise further financial support for Ukraine as he meets world leaders at a series of summits.

He is expected to urge allies to continue backing Kyiv against Moscow’s “barbarism,” saying now is not the time to give up on Ukraine.

And Johnson is set to pledge £429m in guarantees for World Bank lending.

He’s attending the G7 summit in Germany and Nato’s meeting in Madrid today – with Ukraine set to be high on the agenda for both organisations.

Ahead of those meetings, Johnson said: “Future generations will be awed and inspired by the truly heroic Ukrainian resistance in the face of Putin’s barbarism.

“Ukraine can win and it will win. But they need our backing to do so. Now is not the time to give up on Ukraine.”

He warned Ukrainians should not be encouraged to “settle for a bad peace” where they were “invited to give up chunks of their territory in return for a ceasefire” in the war against Russia.

John David

John David

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