Ranil makes TNA an offer it can’t refuse

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By Saman Indrajith

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) supported Budget 2023 because President Ranil Wickremesinghe had shown a desire to resolve the Tamil National Question, MP M. A. Sumanthiran told Parliament on Wednesday.

“I wish to clarify what we did at the vote on Tuesday evening, I did explain right at the end of my speech, nevertheless, time was insufficient so therefore I’d like to say that right through the debate on the 2nd reading, all members of the Tamil National Alliance criticised the budget. Every one of us for various reasons, I don’t need to repeat that. And ordinarily, we would have had to therefore vote against the budget at the second reading,” he said.

However, the TNA took a decision not to cast our votes against the budget at the 2nd reading because the President has on numerous occasions in the last few days, the last 10 days, repeatedly said that he wants to resolve the Tamil National Question. And has invited the Tamil Parties to have discussions with him,” Sumanthiran said.

He said while they have publicly expressed our skepticism about this invitation, when there is a hand that is stretched out from the President himself, the TNA thought they must reciprocate in some way.

“Therefore we did not vote against the budget as a signal of our bona fides in this matter.,” Sumanthiran said.

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