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Former Justice Department lawyer Matt Miller said that Attorney General Bill Barr has a “tell” that Miller thinks reveals what Barr will do about his new attempt at a GOP-run Russia investigation.

The MSNBC panel discussion looked back at Barr’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, where he admitted that the White House government appointees have discussions about the 2020 campaign during Cabinet Meetings. Conducting politics under the government is strictly prohibited.

Miller noted that when Barr didn’t want to answer Chairman Jerry Nadler’s (D-CA) question, it reminded him of a moment at Barr’s confirmation hearing where Barr wouldn’t answer if

“He has a tell, and the one that you just showed is an example, where there’s an answer where you expect the attorney general to give,” Miller began. “In the confirmation hearing, the answer you expected him to give was that he would recuse himself from the Russia investigation because of his previous writings on the topic, a memo he had written that was seen as the audition for the job. And he didn’t give that answer, and I think we found out why shortly after, it was because he wanted to interfere in the Mueller probe. He’s wanted to go back and then discredit it afterward.”

Miller said that Barr’s refusal to rule out releasing the new GOP-led Russia probe at the last minute before the election as a way to somehow tie Mueller’s probe to Joe Biden. Trump has tweeted as much, claiming that he was personally wiretapped at Trump Tower and that his campaign was being monitored as ordered by the Obama administration. Nothing in Mueller’s years-long investigation found any such thing. However, Barr previously twisted Mueller’s findings into his own summary that absolved Trump from any wrongdoing.

Miller expects Barr to do the same thing in this case, but right before an election. That’s the reason Miller explained, Barr refused to answer any questions about his intent on releasing the GOP-led investigation, which has already completed.

“He has two goals here, one is fairly obvious,” said Miller. “One is he intends to try to smear Joe Biden. Not because Joe Biden did anything but to just try and tar the entire Obama administration by claiming there was this plot to get Donald Trump. By the way, it was a point that Sally Yates debunked pretty effectively today. But then I also worry that there’s a second goal and that’s if Russia or any other country interferes in the election again or if Trump is caught soliciting help from a foreign government again, which he has with Russia, Ukraine and China that Barr is able to release this report that attacks what happened in 2016. And put out this fog that says, ‘all of these deep-staters that have made claims about foreign interference in the past you can’t believe. You can’t believe what they said about 2016 and you can’t believe what’s going on right now.”

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