New Social World

The World will be a better place if the united Nation is allowed to function without UK and USA. I can visualise cooperation and  harmony  amongst Europe, Russia, China, India, Middle East, Africa, South America and  all Oriental countries. However, there will be a possibility of some rogue elements  that may, by inherent nature, attempt to disrupt and destabilise the unity in the UN. They are Israel and  Australia who would be supported albeit without commitment by countries like Japan, Malaysia,  Srilanka and New Zealand  but they will come to their senses if  any influence on the World Stage by USA and UK are monitored and curtailed or controlled. There is no doubt that Russia would want to dominate the UN but China will keep Russia under control.

The  veto power of a country should be removed. Narcissism and Nepotism amongst any members  of the  united Nation should be  abolished through legislation  to ensure an incorruptible  functioning  of the organisation.. Equally important is the maintenance of non-partisan policies and actions..  Within the UN an independent judiciary can be established  to observe international law. Also an Election Commission and a military Commission should be established within the UN framework.

The introduction  of worldwide Universal Language will be massive stepping stone to a conflict free world. A 25 year plan will ensure the universal language will become popular worldwide.

Democracy should be redefined to protect minorities in a country. An election won by lies and propaganda based on lies  should be nullified to conduct re-election  without any marketing tactics or propaganda.

Unbridled gallop of Internet Excess should also be curtailed  for harmonious world.

Laws inacted by UN must be incorporated and adhered to by all countries.

Other areas where some practices must be abolished by legislation. They are:

  1. Gambling
  2. 24 hour liquor sales
  3. Adultery
  4. Same sex marriages (Nothing stopping them registration of partnership)
  5. Settlement by  individual  from one country to another should be  controlled but not Visitors.
  6. Excessive exploitation and excessive profiteering must be controlled by legislations.
  7. Marriage, co-habitation, sexual adventures before the age of 18 must be criminalised.
  8. Natural resources of the World should belong to UN.
  9. Death Penalty for Rape and Murder. The only precaution for the death penalty is to make sure the innocent is not  punished.
  10. Abolish ALL Religions and introduce UN Philosophies  along with the Universal Language (25 year plan)

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