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Brexit 2nd Referandum

The second referendum  on Brexit  may  prove Leavers winning. If it is the case, we leave without any conditions,, however we may have to honour our earlier commitments. We should not expect any special arrangements for Northern Ireland. These are inevitable.  It may be easier to let Northern Ireland to leave Britain and join Eire. This may be the option in the long run.  The alternative is to have a hard border/strict check point  between  Northern Ireland and the South. On the other hand if the Remainers win we stayput.

Problem solved!

Our application to join the European Union many times were vetoed by De Galle and eventually after his demise we joined the Union. It was hailed as a success with high hopes of economic prospects. I can’t see any justifiable reasons to leave the Union. Law, Immigration and Free Movement of people have been cited as excuse to leave the Union. These excuses seem quite lame. Because of our belligerence in maintaining our laws and practices at Local Council Levels and on many instances at Government level we get our knickers in the twist  when there is an influx of immigration.

In the colonial period we gave citizenships to  all commonwealth citizens. We were very casual about our attitude to give the citizenship because we have never expected all those citizens would ever want to leave their comfortable climate to come to a country with such a vicious climate. We were wrong. Again we were wrong to give priority to Residents over Citizens. This idiotic strategy has created a very serious problem of  eternal nature. Look at this bizarre situation: A commonwealth student gets an admission at London School of Economics to follow a degree course in Business Studies. He stays at a lodging nearby and follows the course. He has no intention of doing other than completing his course and return to Nigeria.  Within one year of his arrival he was registered in the voters list and classified as a Resident who is given more rights than Tony Brown who was born in Maidenhead but has been living and working in Kuala Lumpur for 30 months. To improve his education he applied for a Grant at Harrow council that has denied the application to Brown because he is not a resident but given full grant to Adebayo who is a resident. This type of  idiotic anamalies persisted ever since the Commonwealth Immigration Act 1962 was enacted. In order to overcome the blunder more idiotic solutions were added year after year creating legal quagmire not just to the people involved but also to the lawyers and judges. The number of overturned decisions by the Home Office and  Appeal  Courts run into volumes. The cost to the State  is in millions.  All because the British Governments have no guts to be open about their mistakes. Tough decisions  are never popular but  necessary for any government to operate  normally. When India gained independence from Britain  the population of India was 390 million who were all given British Citizenship. What on Earth has prevented the British Government to declare that on the date of the independence all the citizens have forfeited their citizenship? Okay, mistakes have been made and there are consequences  for that  but what is stopping us  to declare  and ratify the right solution now? If the rights and wrongs of individuals in the incumbent countries are clearly defined there will be no reasons for arbitrary or discretionary decisions. In fact a substantial percentage of the  commonwealth citizens  settled here will consider going back to their own countries if they know their situation. 

The discord and grievances amongst the Native Europeans should not be undermined. More evidence of simmering racial feeling is  systematically demonstrated in many European Countries during the election period. I do not wish to be an alarmist like Mr Enoch Powell or Nigel Farage  but  I can sense, especially after witnessing the Charlottesville Riot  and the US President’s subsequent comments, a situation like Idi Amin’s Uganda may happen. The peoples overwhelming support to right-wing parties throughout Europe  is adequate enough to consider the situation seriously in order to introduce a robustic administration system.

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