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Trump’s Juvenile Fantasies

Trump’s Juvenile Fantasies

During the first year of his presidency Trump was invited to view the military parade of the  French Army.  He was standing shoulder to shoulder with Emmanuel Macron who was  in his military uniform.  When Trump returned to Washington, he wanted a military parade. Not very many people will realise the reason for Trump’s  demand  for the Military Parade. In “Some Mothers do have them “  TV comedy, Frank Spenser was asked why he wanted to join the Airforce, his answer was he liked  the uniform. Precisely the reason for Trump to have the parade was to wear the military uniform as the Commander in Chief!   That desire faded away and he has the similar inclination for the  Trumps Great  Wall of El Passo . He is not interested in security or any benefit to the Country. He is only interested in establishing his name and the possibility of siphoning a certain percentage of  pecuniary rewards of the $5.7bn construction cost to th Trump Franchise.

The psyche behind Trump behaviour is  not complicated. The facts are he has never achieved anything  honestly.  He is in fact a  monumental epitome  for failure .All his life he wanted recognition for his status  that he would all wanted to believe as  he  achieved  through his own efforts  but he did  not achieve  honestly.  Every step of his past  was built on lies and deceit.  His education, his wealth, his marriages, his declaration as a Billionaire  and finally as the President of the United States of America. He failed as a student  and he failed as a businessman  and whatever remain  are all tragically filled with corruption and  crookedness. He is surrounded by people with genuine educational qualifications but  with suppressed desire to be wealthy by  any means that Trump identified as recruitable  assets.  This tactics he learnt from Putin who used the same tactics to recruit Trump.

His ‘friends’(most now in prison or about to  serve time),, Paul  Manafort, Roger Stone, Michel Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Rick Gates, Richard Pinedo, Alex van der Zwaan, Konstantin Kilimnik, Michael Cohen:, Sam Patten.13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies and 12 Russian GRU officers

Indeed , the Mueller investigation is still going on and there are sure to be more to be indicted, including, Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and probably Ivanka Trump.  It is also highly probable that Kellyanne Conway and Sara huckerbee Sanders  will end up at the wrong end of the Law.  The people working for Trump are not working for him for love, loyalty or pleasure but for temporary  flattery and admiration by Trump and for money as these two ugly but very clever women are unlikely to be entertained by any decent employers. Once the laser is truned on not just these two  but all currently defending Trumps despicable conduct will surely turn against him and when he counts the 9 bars he will  not have any visitors  other than those gangsters  who would  be prepared to listen to what Trump has t say about how to break out of  jail.

Lincoln Rasalingam

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