Who is the Richest man in the World

Richest man in the World with 22 Palaces, 58 Aeroplanes and Helicopters, 4 yachts,
£50,000 toilet, $1million watch AND $100 Bn cash in the banks owned by him

I find it difficult  to understand the mindset of the Brexiteers. It is an open secret that the Brexit is the brainchild of Comrade Putin who took an oath to dismantle NATO and the European Union. Vladimir Putin is the richest man on Earth. His wealth exceeds the total wealth of all the billionaires in the USA therefore Putin is able to buy any Billionaires or any corruptible politicians in the world.

There are volumes of evidence that are emerging on a daily basis to prove that Putin had bought Donald Trump, the fake billionaire who had bullied the Forbes Magazine to classify Trump as a billionaire at a time he was in debt to the tune of $650 million.

It has been reported that Putin has been working on Trump for over 8 years to recruit him as a mole. He was collecting all sorts of information about trump, his weaknesses, likes and dislikes. During the 8 years, Trump had turned out to be the ideal person to fulfil the ambition of Putin. Trump was found to be a person who liked money, women, corruption and anything immoral. Having recruited, Trump did not have to struggle to prove he was a billionaire. A $5 billion gift is a drop in the ocean for Putin but enough to buy the silence of Republican Supporters and politicians.

The Kremlin source based his estimate on Putin’s alleged stakes in several companies, mostly in the oil sector. He said the Russian president controlled 37% of the oil company Surgutneftegaz, 4.5% of natural gas company Gazprom, and had substantial holdings in a commodities trader called Gunvor. Vladimir Putin cultivates the image of a man who enjoys simple pursuits such as fishing and hiking, but the perks of his presidential office make his tastes appear rather less Spartan.

He has 4 yachts,, 58 planes, 22 palaces and wrist watches worth $1million. A report also claims that Mr Putin uses an Ilyushin jet with a £111.3 million cabin that includes a bathroom that has gold fittings and a £50,000 lavatory. Among the perks said to be available to the president are a £600 million Italianate palace at Gelendzhik on the Black Sea coast and a £26 million yacht called Sirius with whirlpool baths, a cinema and an artificial waterfall. Another 176ft yacht includes a spa pool, waterfall and wine cellar, but “the real diamond of the Kremlin flotilla,” the report claims, is a five-decked boat with a jacuzzi, barbecue, a maple wood colonnade and a bathroom faced in marble. A 2,300-acre residence on Lake Valdai in north-western Russia has a cinema, a bowling alley and a “presidential church”, and it is said a little-known three-storey residence near Saratov,
on the Volga river south-east of Moscow, has German chandeliers and Italian furniture, and
features a billiard room, a winter garden, a pool and sauna.

The main protagonists of Brexit were Nigel Farage of UKIP, Boris Johnson and several supporters of these two. Aaran Bank, who gave about £9 million to UKIP to promote Brexit. Aaran Banks is not only married to a Russian woman but also paid numerous visits to the Russian Embassy in London during the EU Referendum. During the time Boris Johnson was the London Mayor, the wealthy parts of London such as Kensington and Chelsea, Hampstead, Swiss Cottage and other posh areas were sold to by Russian oligarch from undeclared source of black money. Properties were bought by rich
Russians like buying postcards at a holiday beaches.

Interestingly, at Donald Trump’s presidential victory the three people lurking behind Trump were Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Rupert Murdoch. One mustn’t forget that the great pal of Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin who was trusted more that the trust place on FBI , CIA and MI6. Vladimir Putin has a mission to restore the old USSR. To do that all the former Warsaw Pact countries should be brought back. The only way to achieve this is by dismantling the European Union. The first step was to create the atmosphere of discontent in the member countries with the European union and NATO. Massive amount of money was spent for propaganda to create virtual enemies. Immigration, Economics stagnation, Unemployment, Benefit cuts, etc.. These problems are not unusual however they were selectively highlighted as they were just arrived causing all the ills. Propagating propaganda is not an easy tasks for the working class with limited resources there
for it was imperative that the target to be manipulated should be from any right-wing groups such as UKIP in UK, Marine Le Pen, Republicans in USA, Italy’ Lega and its leader Matteo Salvini, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Dutch National Front Leader,.. Geert Wilders are all reported have been funded by Putin with the sole purpose creating divisions amongst the voters to create chaos and mayhem in the Parliamentary Democratic functions. He has almost succeeded. He hasn’t given it up yet. Interference in the elections and the vote counting systems as well as blitzing mind manipulating messages through social media combined with hacking political party’s databases
and various other nefarious activities continue unabated.

In my humble opinion, Donald Trump is an Agent of Putin, likewise Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox in UK, Marine Le Pen in France and Geert Wilders in Netherlands. These agents will never run out of resources, Putin ensures that and they will promote discord relentlessly until Putin’s goal kick lands in the net.

Lincoln Rasalingam

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