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I have known Jeremy Corbyn for the last 50 years. He is the last person on Earth to have prejudice of any kind except perhaps he hates injustice  in any shape. He has always supported the rights of Palestinians to have a State of their own but  Israel with the support and connivance of USA and UK  has  been belligerent to not only to deny  such rights but illegally invading, capturing and occupying the lands belong to the Palestinians. Ironically Jeremy Corbyns has been criticising the stance of the Israel. This has been interpreted by the Rightwing media in UK as anti-Semitism. As Hitler said make the lies simple and repeat it, the people will believe it in the end. This is the philosophy of the Tories in UK to tarnish the Labour Party. What Teresa May cannot swallow is the popularity of Jeremy Corbyn. Her harsh tone of voice combined with her agressive body language and facial expressions every time she answers questions reveals her inner mind set very clearly. Regardless of who or what the Parliamentary question is she always shows her unlady like agression on Jeremy Corbyn who is immune to her onslaught.

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