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Bull & Crow

Joe Biden, the Vice-President supported the Fille de Joie Flores with her political ambition

Crow’s curse would not kill a bull, a Tamil proverb says. Lucy Flores  is the Crow and Joe Biden is the Bull.

Lucy Flores is one of 13 children to her mother. 12 Girls and 1 boy. All 12 girls fell pregnant  around the time they reached puberty.

A girl who fell pregnant at the age of 16 and convicted of various crimes is accusing  a National hero with unblemished  character record throughout his 76 years of life  of touching her inappropriately. She wrote “ I have  never experienced  anything so blatantly inappropriate”. If you believe this you will believe anything!

This horse faced ugly woman  tart  has been waiting  to tarnish an innocent man when he was considering to enter the presidential race. One wonders, why this grande horizontale  failed to broadcast her aspersion  before the  end of term as the Vice President of the United States of America.

He was a sportsman, Military veteran, Lawyer, youngest ever Senator, a record six times elected Congressman to the Upper House and finally served as the  Vice President to Barrack Obama. His profile all his life has been clean  with impeccable reputation.  Never ever had any one even by mistake pointed any accusing finger on Joe, yet Lucy Flores, a convicted criminal has the audacity to come up with  groundless accusation  with the sole purpose of getting publicity. Being a kind and civilised man  he always shakes hands and hug fellow Democrats at any gatherings. Flores had  her eyes on him to advance her political ambition. The hug was an opportunity  to press her body on his hoping to get some response of carnal nature. Joe was being Joe  did not respond. Disappointed  Flores was hurt  that simmered for a long time.  What  amazes me is  that after she has made some progress in getting out of her rotten earlier life why she has stooped back to her own traits.

It is not too late Lucy to give the money back to Ivanka  and apologise to Joe who will not hesitate to forgive you; who knows, you may even get some accolades.

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