Chicken vs Possum

Ok let us assume  Corbyn is a Chicken, that I don’t  agree with but what about Johnson who is a bullying Possum that I completely agree with.

Right from the outset Corbyn has claimed that the  Brexit without  a deal must be taken off the table. He made this demand when Mrs May  invited Corbyn to engage in discussion.  Here  he asked the Possum  Johnson to take the Brexit without a deal off the table  before considering anything else. Yes Corbyn did demand an early election but not at the expense of leaving the EU without a deal. The shameless hypocritical  Rightwing British Press  have been twisting the fact to tarnish Corbyn’s  credibilities.  The Murdoch’s despicable The Sun went as far as making a  satirical picture with a Cockerel crown and feathers as headline news.  It was interesting that Boris had described Corbyn as  a florin washed chicken; it was patently clear that Boris has been in conference with the Sun  before synchronising their desperate outburst in combination of Sajid Javid’s give away budget announcement. Electioneering has preoccupied the Tory mindset already to ambush the oppositions.

Jeremy Corbyn
This is how Boris looks at Jeremy Corbyn in the UK Parliament during question time

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