Putin’s Sacred Pledge

In a 2005 Kremlin speech, Putin characterized the collapse of the Soviet Union as the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the Twentieth Century. Putin elaborated “Moreover, the epidemic of disintegration infected Russia itself. The country’s cradle-to-grave social safety net was gone and life expectancy declined in the period preceding Putin’s rule. In 2005, the National Priority Projects were launched to improve Russia’s health care, education, housing and agriculture.

He blamed the NATO and European Union for the  dismantling of the USSR .  He declared his anger towards the former ever-so-loyal Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania  joining the European Union in the previous year 2004.

He vowed to the screaming crowd that he would dismantle NATO and European Union  before 2025.

His 20 year program appears to come to fruition. He has conquered the mighty United States of America by installing a Russaphile as the President of USA in 2016 in the name of Donald Trump. In the same year he initiated a Referendums to vote to  withdraw the membership of  UK from the  European Union.  He was  reported to have manipulated the vote counting system in both USA and UK through the Kaspersky Anti-virus software which was delivered free of charge to all computer users in the West. The Program acted like the  Trojan Horse.  It has been claimed by reliable sources  that he  has allocated  in excess of $50 Billion  for  his project  of dismantling European Union and NATO.  The emerging signs both in USA and in Europe appear to be that Vladimir Putin has been succeeding  in his resolve. Not too long ago Russia has been considered the enymy of the Free World and democracy but suddenly Putin has become the best Friend for the President of USA and the Prime Minister of UK. Following the departure of UK from the EU there are a few other members of the European Union are threatening to leave the  EU. Many Academics, Political Pundits and Many Industry Leaders in the West are predicting establishing Totalitarian Regimes in the West pretty soon.

Controversially, the present British Prime Minister has been yearning to replace the British monarchy with Executive President while the President of USA has been yearning to install himself as a permanent Monarchy in the US.

The climate change may hit these  two oxymoron with surprises  forcing them  to abandon their idiotic thoughts. If there is a grain of justice exists in the West Trump will soon be behind bars along with his quislings and Johnson and Farage emigrate to Moscow

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