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WW III is imminent. Trump will not rest until the third world war breaks out. He was born immediately after the end of the second world war and now he is is looking to ignite the WWIII as the only escape from his imminent impeachment, or at least to smokescreen the impeachment process. Think of the previous and recent mass shootings in USA schools/ churches, supermarkets: every time the political pressure builds up due to investigation of the trump’s gang ( alas cabinet officials) actions there is a bloodshed on the next day or days. Perhaps even trump is not entirely read into the details of the technology of the above mechanism, though he may have an access to the red button to activate the crime against american people in order to cover up the ugly details of the serial crimes commited by this caricature of president or,in reality imposter of POTUS illegally occupying white house. Only trump’s employer Putin, the real mastermind of the 2016 US election charade knows the real mechanism of these processes, though the time line of events rules out the coincidence.

Remember, he wanted a military parade in Washington just to wear a military uniform after he joined Emmanuel Macron in Paris for the military parade. He is such a little man with childhood mental trauma induced complex of inferiority, driving to overindulge in decadent luxuries and pathetic objects of household with unsatiable drive for luxury. Lacking a mere minimum of human empathy, trump ideally fits into category of sociopaths as Hitler, Machiavelli and Nero. an unproportionately expanded ego that he is incapable of feeling or anticipating the disastrous consequences of his actions. The Republican Senators and Congressmen have been heavily bribed with Putin’s $50 billion donation therefore there is no bulwark to curtail his idiosyncrasies. The few who dare to disobey had been silenced by trump’s personal hit squad, made from international zombie-like drug controlled bionic creatures.

These three enemies of the human race will not rest
until they wipe out 90% of the world population

Iran has done absolutely nothing to warrant the reckless execution of its military commander. All that Israel has to say Trump to jump , he will ask how high. My index finger is firmly pointing at Israel to have induced the present crisis through the Master Moron Donald Trump.

Palestine was confiscated to satisfy the aspirations of the Jewish Zionist to create the State of Israel during the first World War and new aspiration is to confiscate the rest of the Palestine that is hoped to be realised during an another War.

The slaves of the Rightwing Fascists have no idea of the Illuminati Agenda. The sheep have always been ready to to slaughter house. Benjamin Netanyahu won the election and Trump is guaranteed to get elected to be President the second term.

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