Unachievers Achievement

Trump’s non-achieving achievements

  1. He twisted somebody’s arms to get listed in the Forbes magazine as a Billionaire. His asset at that time was $645 million in the red

  2. He paid a student named Joe Shapiro to take his SAT test but he gloats that he gained A’s

  3. He paid an unregistered doctor and dictated about his health report with genuine unrealistic conditions of his physical wellbeing. He wrote his condition of everything was positive without realizing HIV positive was not superb physical health. The certificate concerned is given at the end of this page.

  4. He was examined for dementia  and he claimed he took a cognitive test and obtained A’s . The Montreal  Cognitive test is primarily used to check up for Alzheimer’s  disease and he did take it in2018 and we have reliable report of the result which was he scored 2 out 30. Any score less than 26 our of 30 is considered cognitive dysfunction. A’s as he claimed is given only to those gained 29 or 30. He scored   just 2 (two) and he paid $50,000 to destroy his records.

  5. Bill Barr, the Trump’s backside licking Attorney General of USA has recently said that history was written by winners. So Trump contacts all the authorities in the world to alter any records that says anything about Trump and his family to alter all data to show them in favourable light. Accordingly his educational records in every schools have been changed.

  6. He bragged in 2016 “I won the election, didn’t I?”.  The actual election result was  Hillary Clinton got  65,844,610 votes  and Trump  62,979,636 votes. I really do not know why trump was declared the winner. Trump knew from the outset he did not win therefore his focus from day one was to legitimize the election result. He showed scant regard to everything else; if it was Daca Program, Category 5 Storms or Corona Virus Pandemic his focus did not shift one iota from proving he is a legitimate President.

  7. Even Jesus places, Allah’s place3s are subjected to declare their Tax returns but not Donny Crooked Trump. The only person in the Entire world refusing to make Tax Declaration must be this Thief of thieves Donald Trump. Even Queen of England has to declare her tax situation

  8. Just for the road just read his first medical report.


medical certificate (15)

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