London: Indian diaspora’s call to boycott China joined by Iranians, Pakistanis

The Indian diaspora organised a protest in front of the Chinese embassy to call out China’s expansionist policy. The protest found resonance among Iranians and Pakistani human rights activists as well.

The protest took place outside Chinese embassy in London. (Photo: India Today)

Aprotest organised in London by the Indian diaspora against the expansionist policies of China in front of the Chinese embassy on July 12 was supported by human rights activists from Pakistan as well as Iranian diaspora with the same agenda.

As the Indian diaspora turned up for a protest against China, the Iranian diaspora was already present and protesting. A couple of human rights activists from Pakistan also joined in and the collective voices called for China to “Free Tibet, Free Hong-Kong and Free Uighurs”.

A projection of these words was flashed on the Chinese Embassy building on July 11 as well, but no one took the responsibility for the act. Along with these were placards reading, “Say no to expansion”, “China back off”, “China down-down”, “Boycott China” and “Free Iran”.

Santosh Patil, one of the protestors from the Indian side, said, “If you look at recent years or recent days, China has always been aggressive towards its neighbours. They are not only trying to expand economically but trying to go into the landmass. They have occupied Tibet, they have occupied a part of Iran and now they are coming into Indian territory.”

A similar tone was shared by Jas Afsar from Iranian Monarchy Association which is protesting against the alleged “secret deal” known as Sino-Iranian Comprehensive Strategic Partnership signed between the Iran government and China. He told India Today, “We are protesting against the occupation of China on our land.” When asked about the Indian protest, Afsar said, “We are united in this. We are in solidarity with India on this”.

Arif Aajakia, a human rights activist from Pakistan who was once the Mayor of Jamshed town in Karachi, now lives in London due to the fear of persecution in Pakistan. He also joined the protest and told India Today, “China is an imperialistic power. It wants to invade. It has already occupied Tibet, Uyghur, Hong-Kong, Aksai-Chin and now wants to occupy Ladakh”.

The protest took place in the presence of police personnel and was peaceful.

The protest ended with the national anthems of India and Iran in which both sides joined in.

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