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Trump did a press conference today at the Rose Garden. The process has a protocol, standard and decorum. It is for the President of the country to brief the press about any prevailing issues affecting the country. It should be strictly non-political, non-partisan and the President  should represent all the people.

The journalists and the millions of people throughout the country and many parts of the World were eagerly waiting to hear about the Corona Virus and its effects on the country and the steps he has taken to address the issue.

Instead, he went on a tirade to attack the Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Also a high volume of vitriol on the China and her President. At Question time   he bragged  about how magnificently he was handling. The rest of the world were admiring his achievement. The fact is he was  responsible for setting the record of highest number of deaths in the World, way above any  other country. He has scored 26% of the total deaths in the entire world  while America has  around 4% of the World population. Every single country in the world is doing better than Donald Trump in dealing with the Corona Pandemic.

Donald Trump holds the records for the Worst leader in the entire history of the World. If there is any justice in the World he should be completing three and half years of a thirty year sentence  in a high security prison.

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