An appeal to the Republican Senators and Congressmen


Trump is on the meltdown. He feels he has no chance of convincing the Electorates to see him in the Whitehouse after November election therefore he has already taken action to cancel the election. If he declares an Emergency and curfew then the Election will have to be cancelled. According to the American Constitution the President has the absolute power to  make any decisions  during the emergency  period. That is his belief and  he will dissolve the congress, Senate and the Judiciary. At the same time he will declare himself as the King of USA and  ask his bottom licker Bill Barr to  draw up a new constitution  to install himself as the  King and appoint his ministers  and a second chamber  for which he will hand-pick the members.  Unless the military rebels, he will have no opposition for whatever he decision he makes.

The problem is not the Corona Virus; IT IS TRUMP. Have him removed from the Whitehouse, proper solution can be found immediately. The irony is he is, even after 4 million infected, over 144,000 deaths and daily death rates increasing at 1000  per day, still defending his idiosyncrasy.

If the Senate still wants to allow this crazy psychopath  to continue to reach his destination of dictatorship nothing can save America from total demise like the old Empires like Roman, Ottoman , and Babylonian etc..

He is making way for China and Russia forming alliance to invade the West. These two countries have the means and motto to  attack  and win the war with not just the West but anything that exist now.

Please you stupid Republican Senators and Congressmen come together to get rid of this moronic monument of  crooks. He  has no heart, any sense of discipline, ethics, morality  or anything that is normally found in  the human species. I will feel no sense of guilt to exercise knee press on the neck of this Rascal. I am not even an American.


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