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Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has come under fire by far-right personalities who are plaguing his offices with death threats that cite Fox News as their motivation.

Speaking to CNN’s Jim Acosta on Sunday, Swalwell handed over the tapes, laced with profanities and the N-word.

“You people are a disgrace to God, our country and our people. You’re the enemy of the United States people (censored). You atheist, communist f*ck are the threat to our democracy, our constitution and our way of life, and as for these foreign invaders that you’re letting in this country I hope they chop you up and your family up and feed them to your dogs, you pig. You (censored). And there’s your free speech for today, (censored). From Trump nation! Write it down, you little (censored). Trump nation, baby!”

“Now, some of the expletives are bleeped out, the N-word, as well as homophobic slurs,” Acosta said of the message. “What does this say not only about the person who left the message but also Fox News?”

According to Swalwell it’s part of the Tucker Carlson effect, where Carlson will use a specific line that lies about him, and then that line makes it into threats and attacks left on federal office voicemails.

“You see a straight line from Tucker Carlson lying about me, inciting his viewers, and then aiming them at me, where this caller references Tucker Carlson from the very get of this call that he was just watching Tucker Carlson,” he continued. “And I have confronted Tucker a number of times about this. I’ve told him that his lies have led to death threats against me, against my family. and the fact that he continues to lie about me and so many other’s shows, that this is what he wants. He wants his viewers to unleash this type of venom at his targets. And I’m just afraid, Jim, we’re going to see more and more political violence in this country as long as Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson are unleashing their hateful propaganda out into the ether.”

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