UNDP launches ‘Rebuild Sri Lanka’ crowdfunding platform

An online crowdfunding platform titled ‘Rebuild Sri Lanka’ launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is now live providing the opportunity for global citizens to contribute to alleviating the impacts of the crisis in the island nation, the UNDP said.The facility can be accessed at

Sri Lanka is undergoing its worst economic crisis since Independence, after excessive money printing led to galloping inflation, which led to a massive drop in the standard of living and quality of life.

“To rally global support to rebuild the island nation rich in culture and diversity, the crowdfunding platform will facilitate contributions towards ongoing support to provide food security and medicines to the vulnerable people in Sri Lanka,” the UNPD said in a statement on Friday September 09.

Through the ‘Rebuild Sri Lanka’ platform, interested parties can contribute to two ailing sectors: healthcare and food.

Kanni Wignaraja, UN Assistant Secretary General and UNDP Regional Director, Bureau for Asia and the Pacific stated, “The ‘Rebuild Sri Lanka’ platform will enable people from across the globe to directly support vulnerable families in Sri Lanka through the procurement of critical medical supplies and strengthened food security efforts. The platform will provide full transparency over the use of funds, to ensure that these contributions will go exactly where they are needed. UNDP is committed to stand with the people of Sri Lanka in this time of need.”

Sri Lanka’s healthcare and agriculture sectors are in states of exhaustion due to inadequacies in fuel supply and the depleting financial reserves which is barring everyday procedures.According to the World Food Programme (WFP), 30 percent of the population is food insecure and is in search of humanitarian assistance.

Sri Lanka spiraled into a food shortage combined with skyrocketing inflation due to a decision taken in April 2021 when fertilizer was banned which resulted in a massive gap in domestic agricultural production. Moreover, scarcity of foreign exchange reserves and depreciation of the local currency have caused food shortages and adversely affected the quality of life for citizens.

“The ‘Rebuild Sri Lanka’ crowdfunding platform will engage with well-known Sri Lankan and International personalities from across various fields, to echo and help reach wider global audiences interested in contributing towards essential crisis relief in Sri Lanka,” said the statement.

Several local partners have pledged to support Sri Lanka’s health sector, brands such as Hemas Holdings PLC, Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company, Brandix Apparel Limited, Daraz Sri Lanka, Citi Foundation and Amana Bank alongside the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Sarvodaya, the United Nations Global Compact Network Sri Lanka and oDoc Sri Lanka have also come on board as strategic partners of the facility,” the statement said.

Mynamar donated 1,000 MT of rice to Sri Lanka worth Sri Lankan 170 million rupees (approximately 463,215 US dollars), which is to arrive in the island by the end of September.Sri Lanka has been receiving donations of food and medical supplies from countries such as Australia, China, India, United States, Japan.

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