Hirunika warns of next wave of protests

By Saman Indrajith

SJB Women’s Wing leader Hirunika Premachandra says that this government would not be able to stop the next wave of uprising which would ensure the ouster of Ranil Wickremesinghe from politics.Addressing the media at the Opposition Leader’s office, in Colombo, on Tuesday, Premachandra said: “The next uprising will be worse than the previous ones. Last time, they took to the streets, peacefully. Next time, the people will come to the street armed with at least with kitchen knives.

None in this government will be able to stop it. Last time, the leaders could save their lives.

“Last time, protesters set only the politicians’ houses on fire. Next time, rioters will set houses of rich and wealthy businessmen too on fire. Starving people will rob food. If this government continues to increase the number of ministers instead of making its first priority to provide relief to people, the next wave of public uprising will come sooner than thought,” she said.

“How could poor parents feed their children crying out for food? They do not have money. Thirty percent of families cannot have three meals a day. Sixty percent of families skip at least one meal a day. Millions of Lankans can no longer afford an adequate diet. The situation will get worse in the weeks to come, as prices continue to skyrocket.”

“The government must listen to the Central Bank Governor’s warning. Instead, it keeps appointing more and more ministers. Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled the country to avoid the people’s wrath. Now, he is back in the country but none cares about him. But in the case of Ranil, the situation will not be that smooth.”

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