High Security moves from President

I congratulate President Ranil Wickremesinghe, for his sagacity in the recent decision to declare several places in the City of Colombo and its neighborhood, as High Security Zones (HSZ).

Who but the President needs high security? Who but the Prime Minister? Who but the 134 MPs of unblossomed (Pohottuva) beauty and fragrance, who will take us to Vistas of Prosperity need higher security? Of course, senior personnel of the armed forces and their headquarters need more protection in High Security Zones than the bloke armed with an Apple Notebook/Samsung Galaxy. Law and order must have priority above all (uber alles).

Given those premises, it beats me why the entire country is not declared a High Security Zone. Such a declaration will protect all citizens from Food Insecurity, Income Insecurity, Infants and Children from malnutrition and undernutrition, pregnant and lactating mothers from sickness and other ailments. Providing such high security to a few, as now, is likely to undo the value of High Security Zones which the president had so wisely put in place.

All hail to a brave president!



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