Leading British Nutraceutical Company Principle Healthcare Celebrates 20 Years

Principle Healthcare Group, one of UK’s leading nutraceutical companies that focus on enhancing everyday wellness, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Since inception in 2002 under the leadership of Mike Davies MBE, Principle Healthcare has played a pivotal role in providing nutraceutical products aimed at sustaining well-being and good health. With trusted vitamin and nutritional supplements endorsed by healthcare professionals worldwide, Principle Healthcare has acquired a solid reputation as a market leader in innovative and groundbreaking nutraceutical solutions.

The Queen’s Award recipient, Principle Healthcare became a part of the leading consumer healthcare group based in Germany, Euro Vital Pharma (EVP Group), in 2020. With EVP’s expertise on consumer health, Principle Healthcare is set to broaden its horizons by capitalizing on its supply chain and inhouse production capabilities, says Andrew Davies, Managing Director. Having grown from an independent family-owned business to being a part of a globally present dynamic business entity with interests in healthcare and wellness, Principle Healthcare believes in adding value to modern-day nutrition with an innovative and up-to-date range of vitamin and mineral formulations.

A growing market presence and a portfolio of cutting-edge nutritional supplements have enabled Principle Healthcare to maintain a vibrant presence globally. The Company presently operates in markets such as Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Principle Healthcare entered Sri Lanka in 2017 and has made its mark as a premier nutraceutical brand with its diverse range of marketing leading products with a British origin. Within a span of less than five years, Principle Healthcare has succeeded in becoming one of the fastest growing nutraceutical brands in Sri Lanka.

With Sri Lanka being the hub for South East Asia, plans are underway for expansion into regional markets such as Maldives, Singapore, Vietnam, and Cambodia, says Elroy Fernando, Regional Vice President for South East Asia.

The broad range of high quality nutritional supplements manufactured by Principle Healthcare meets both age specific and gender specific needs, targeting multiple therapeutic areas. Developed by a team of scientists with a diverse range of published research, Principle Healthcare products are well researched and tested for their efficacy and contribution towards enriching wellness.

With a passion and belief to make a real difference in modern-day nutrition, Principle Healthcare is committed to deliver proactive healthcare and nutritional solutions, staying true to its core principles of high-quality food supplements for the whole family, that are accessible, affordable, and innovative.

Principle Healthcare products are available in Sri Lanka in all leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

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