Cardinal asks govt. to stop incarcerating dissenters

By Norman Palihawadane

Colombo Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith says the government will soon have to incarcerate the entire population if it goes on jailing those who express their dissent.

Delivering a homily at the Holy Mass followed by the consecration of the newly-renovated Sacred Heart Church at Maththumagala recently, Cardinal Ranjith said that around 4,000 youth involved in the recent Aragalaya against the government, were being arrested and detained.

 “These youth have been fighting for a system change. Since when is it a crime to ask for a change if people are not happy with the prevailing system. Our prayers are with them who raised their voice against unjust,” Cardinal Ranjith said.

“We urge the Elections Commission to hold elections as soon as possible. We have been told that elections to the provincial councils and local government bodies are scheduled for next year and some politicians want to postpone them.

Holding elections will enable people to express their displeasure at this government democratically.

If the Elections Commission gives in to rulers it will be betraying public trust and interest.

The new church portico, holy altar and the holy Eucharist tabernacle, renovated under the direction of Rev. Fr. Chaminda Roshan, were consecrated by the Cardinal.

 The ceremony was attended by a large number of people including Rev. Frs. Kennedy Perera, Mahendra Gunatilleka, Lawrence Ramanayake, Sanjeewa Mendis and parishioners.

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