Chic ways to style a scarf

Scarves are simple yet highly versatile accessories that can change your look entirely.If you didn’t know how to style them, it’s time you learn to.Are you just familiar with the good old simple loop? Well, move ahead and acquaint yourself with these five amazing scarf styles.All you need is a scarf and your million-dollar smile to go with you.

Cowl neck

First, take the scarf around your neck, and then loop one end around the neck again.Even out the ends and tie a half knot, so you have two loops around your neck.Now bring forth the smooth loop to cover up the knot.Adjust the loops to create a desirable volume for the scarf.You can wear this style on an everyday basis.

Neck tie

This perky look will surely turn many heads!

Take a scarf around your neck in such a manner that one end is longer than the other.Loop the longer end twice around your neck.Then with the ends create a half knot on the side and lay it out loose and breezy.This style is perfect for a date.

Head wrap

This is a very stylish way to cover your head, protect it from the sun and look fabulous.To create this look, fold an oblong scarf in half.Place it over your head in a way that the center part is at your forehead.Tie a half knot at the back.With a longer scarf, you can also tie the ends over the forehead.


Fold a silk scarf into a triangle and give it a gentle roll-up.Now wrap this around your neck, and secure it with a knot on the side.Make sure to leave some breathing space.For a longer scarf, try the necklace effect by wrapping the longer end twice around the neck, leaving the other end on the side.

The kimono

If your scarf is a square one then try this for sure.Take two adjacent corners of the scarf and tie them in small tight knots.Tie the same knot with the other corners and you will have a rectangle.Now wrap the scarf around your shoulders, by using the loops created by the knots as armholes and wear it like a jacket!

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