Centenary Celebrations Peterites…keeping flag flying high

Clifford Richards, Sohan, Janaka Palapathwela, Stephanie, Gopi Theva and Thamier de Mel

Whatever the Peterites do, they do it in style, and that’s exactly how they are handling the Centenary Celebrations of their Alma Mater. What’s more, this happening scene is taking place…around the globe, and on a grand scale, as well.

The Old Boys Union of St. Peter’s College, in the UK, moved into top gear to make their celebrations, extra-special, and memorable.

They came up with a theme for their Centenary Dinner Dance – ‘Labamba Nite 22.’ And, what a night it turned out to be!

President of St. Peter’s OBA London, Gopi Theva, Past President Themier de
Mel, and Rev. Father Rohitha Rodrigo, Rector, St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4

This prestigious event took place on Saturday, 17th September, and the venue was the Hilton T5 London.

The demand for tickets made it a sold out event, in advance, with over 600 guests in attendance.

Rev. Father Rohitha Rodrigo, Rector of St. Peter’s College, Bambalapitiya, Colombo 4 – my old school – was there, too…to take in the scene.

Guests taking in the scene with the stars from Sri Lanka

The Peterites certainly have a flair for oganising, and the team behind ‘Labamba Nite 22’ knew that music, too, plays a vital role in the success of such events.

With that in mind, they went for the best, and in the spotlight, on stage, were Stephanie Siriwardhana, Clifford Richards, Janaka Palapathwela and Sohan Weerasinghe.

The crowd loved what was dished out to them, by way of music, and the floor was packed.

Sohan Weerasinghe: At ‘Labamba Nite 22’

From reports coming my way, ‘Labamba Nite 22’ was a resounding success, with great music, awesome food, and a truly exciting atmosphere.

Sohan, in the meanwhile, spent a couple of weeks, in London, taking in the scene…and doing some sightseeing, as well.

“I did a little bit of sightseeing, but I was busy as I did another dance at the Marriott – the Old Bens dance – with a group called Exceed. However, I managed to see Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s favourite holiday homes.”

Sohan also mentioned that he will be travelling to Canada, soon, and on the way back he will be performing at another school dance, in London.

Regarding the home scene, Sohan expressed confidence that things would brighten up and that there should be a lot of activity, during the festive

Stephanie Siriwardhana: Doing it in London

“We are now seeing a marked improvement in the local world of showbiz, and if this trend continues, the season should be good for us, entertainers.”

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