Solution to Palestine Israel Problem



Lincoln’s Solution to Israel Palestine Problem.

It is a fact that no resolution is possible unless the problem is identified. In the case of Israel and Palestine problem I have never heard from any of the Governments, Diplomats, TV Pundits ever mentioning the real problem. Some offered two State Solution that is not acceptable to Israel; the reason, it does not address the real problem that Israel considers as real problem.

I think I understand the problem to which I am sure I have the solution. I am 85 years old professionally trained as a “Trouble Shooter” albeit not Political Troubles.

First the problem of Israel


Neighbouring countries  had declared erasing Israel from the map therefore  Israel must take actions to remove all threats. Very understandable.

Palestine Problem:

Palestine was illegally occupied by Israel  therefore the illegal occupiers must leave Palestine. Understandable

Mistakes of both parties.

Both parties give scant regard to human lives. Possession of Lands takes priority over human lives

Both parties consider lives of their citizens are more valuable than the other.


Both parties SHOULD agree  with the above or made to agree by the International Criminals/Community

Both parties should recognise the rights of  every human being  regardless of who he belongs to

Both Parties should agree that humanitarian consideration should take priority over possession of property.

Palestine should recognise that Israel, having made home in the present location and settled for more than 7 decades, they earned the rights to stay regardless of illegal creation of Israel by Britain. Who have done similar deeds in many parts of the world  causing divisions amongst communities.

Israel should recognise that Palestinians have the rights to live in their own country . Israel should also accept that the the mythical ‘promise land’  is only a myth that does not merit Palestinians will have to concede to the mythical rights.

Straight forward borders should be redrawn  between Palestine and Israel.

Both parties should agree to the  selected members group of the United Nations to redraw the boundary for both Israel and Palestine. Russia, China, USA, UK, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia,  India , Germany,  France and Turkey should be excluded from the Group. Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Italy , Spain, Eire, Scotland, Iceland and Nigeria, Peru, Mexico, Kenya, Japan,  Fiji, Israel Palestine  and Mongolia should form the group to draw the borders for Israel and Palestine.

Any disputed points should be referred to me and my decision should be final.


I am stronger than you, Mr Abbass!

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