There should be a limit to any hypocrisies and Injustice


There should be a limit to any hypocrisies.


The constant ‘pussy-footing and feather –dusting’  by the West to Israelis  constant violence towards the Palestinians should stop.

The Israeli Terrorists staged the 7th October  incident to trigger unleashing excessive violence on the Palestinians civilians was the planned First phase. Before implementing the second phase, the International Opinion was quite unexpectedly worked adversely for the perpetrator. In order to neutralise this small set back an urgent action should be cooked up. Yes, one of the released hostages just revealed that she was detained at the personal home of the member of the charity UNRWA. Oh, how convenient! Yes, Israeli has got back the attention of UK and USA  whose connivance doesn’t have to be connivance anymore; the open blessings can resume to give the green light   to the terrorist to maintain the raining of indiscriminate bombings on the already erased Palestinians.

The Zionists programme is progressing according to the scripted Protocols of the Elders of the Zionists. They have been following the protocols for centuries. Hitler could not make any deterrent. There is no one with even of a  fraction of the resources of Hitler is around now to challenge the Zionist Terrorists.

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