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The Principles of Capitalism , Thatcherism, Reganism, Torysm, Trumpsm, cronysm  etc are built on hubristic selfishness, excessive greed, ‘look after number one’ etc.. This means one has to take care of him/herself.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. All other species in the world adopt the same principle.  The exception is  that the mothers of any offspring take care of their own offspring as well.

This principle, when applied  to human being it leads to greed that  leads to  gaining advantage over the weak ones and  subsequently  generates conflicts and fights. Present day disputes, wars and killings of thousands  are based on selfishness and greed. Just pause for a moment….

Just consider, if the  Capitalism and Thatcherism (I dare repeat, Mrs Thatcher was the one in my memory to lay the solid foundation for selfishness, greed and abuse of power) are  converted into the principle of ‘look after others first’, what would happen?  If this principle is imbibed into every child from toddler to kindergarten, how would the world would be?  If one is born in the world to look after others  before looking after oneself, what would the world be like?  

Sleep over it and let me know…..

I think there will be no wars, no killings, no atrocities, no Donald Trumps, Boris Johnsons, Putins, not any  so called Right Wingers, no Racism, no White Supremacists and no Nigel Farages, Mitch McConnell and Brexiteers.

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