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My cousins visit

My cousin, Raj, visited me from Sri Lanka. During his first weekend, my friend, Mike, called me to see if we would like to swimming with him.

When I introduced Raj to Mike, my cousin explained that he wasn’t going to swim.

Mike: Aren’t you going to swim?

Raj: No I can’t swim, can you?

Mike: Sure I can. So can my dog!

Raj: Your dog can swim?

Mike: Of course he can swim.

Raj: So what is the difference between you and your dog?

I jumped in the pool immediately.

Mike didn’t want to admit that he had been outwitted by Raj. He was waiting to get his revenge. He took his chance later, in the pub.

Mike: You see Raj, we Europeans are white, the colour of our skin is almost same, but amongst your people, the skin colour varies a lot. Your skin Raj is much lighter than your cousin’s, for example.

Raj: The colour of the horses varies, but the colour of donkeys are all same.

I dashed off to the bath room.

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