Rough Justice

Clinton v. Trump

The first case is to be published in this column cannot be anything other than the injustice perpetrated by the ridiculous Election System in the United States of America on Hilary Clinton by Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential election. Hilary Clinton got 65.84 million votes against Trump’s 62.98 million! Yet Trump was declared the winner.

How did Trump win? Did he betrump? There are many theories in speculation including investigation on foreign governments’ interference. The whole affair is dependant on counting votes. Counting ‘fiddle’ could have happened in several ways. For example (1)an irregularity is possible when writing down/ entering the counted votes in computer (2) adding up the total of the votes from various polling stations (3) modify the computer software physically to count the votes in favour of Trump.

My conjecture is that the third option above was the one used by Russian Hackers. It would be impossible to prove any impropriety after the event unless the computer brokedown while the counting was done and the memory image was retained – an unrealistic expectation. It has been in news that the hacking infrastructure is still in place to handle the forthcoming midterm election and subsequent ones. One has to believe unless free- standing computers without wi-fi are used for counting there would be no guarantee of genuine results.

Unless Trump and his cronies are locked up the Justice will remain elusive.

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