Double Standard

  Wikimedia doesn’t give the exact date of birth of Shamim Begum. It  says she was born in the year 2000 and she went to...

Moronic Bank Manager

While I was self employed struggling to build up my business, I secured a  lucrative Government contract that required some initial capital expenditure equivalent to...

Sinister Practices

I wanted to transfer some money from my Post Office Savings account to my Barclys current account. I have done this a few times before...

Trump is Right

The first time since Trumpf took over the White House I agree with his latest claim of blaming the Democrats for the death of the...

Racism in Trudeau Land

Report reveals ‘gross’ racial disparity in Toronto policing Courtesy  Reuters Black people are “grossly over-represented” in violent police interactions in the Canadian city of Toronto,...

beyond the pale

Beyond the pale behaviour of some politicians results in serious repercussions that may take decades to rectify.  I like to name two such scenarios: Declaration...

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