Rough Justice

beyond the pale

Beyond the pale behaviour of some politicians results in serious repercussions that may take decades to rectify.  I like to name two such scenarios:

  1. Declaration of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America
  2. The referendum result of Britain Leaving the European Union

Both elections were conducted from the core  on calculated lies, exploitation of behavioural manipulation engineering and deceit.

Even more intolerable is the Public  putting up with the result after realisation of the such subterfuge

Lies have become truth because we tolerated and gave permission to the perpetrators to propagate their lies. Adolph Hitler used such tactics and philosophies  without boundaries.

Imminent invasion of  USA by caravan refugees required sending the military to defend the country. Without firing a single shot,  the prospect of losing the country has disappeared immediately after the mid-term election. Panic, fear and anxiety amongst the voting public were engineered by the Spin Doctors.

The Right-Wingers thrive on such despicable  ideas. Steven Miller of the White house and Leo McKinstry of Daily Express are two examples of that category.

The news of the imminent invasion by the Syrian Refugees took prominent positions in the Bill Boards  everywhere  including  buses and coaches just before the Referendum voting in 2016.  On the 24th of June 2016, a day after the voting , all fears ans consternations  had miraculously ceased to exist

If we break up our association with the EU we would save  £350 million per week and this would be the panacea for the illness of our NHS.

After the Referendum:

  • NHS never received a penny
  • There was no invasion of Britain by the Syrian Refugees nor any talk of refugees by the politicians
  • There was no invasion of USA by the Caravan Refugees despite the non-existent beautiful wall along the Mexican border.

The saga reminds me of an incident that happened once in India.

A highly qualified young Medical Consultant was looking for a bride. His conditions were:

  1. The bride must be educated not above Senior School level
  2. Must not be a highly qualified professional person
  3. Must not be very rich; no dowry required but she must be a virgin.

A proposal came from the uncle of a girl claiming:

  • who is not rich (she was very rich),
  • Studied only up to SSC, ( she was a university graduate)
  • Virgin (her two pregnancies were aborted)

They got married but the husband filed for divorce the next day.

The moral of the story is that a marriage took place because of lies.

People voted to leave EU because they were lied to by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

The US Senate retained the number of  Republican  Senators because the voters were lied to by Donald Trump.

The Brexiteers  won  by the narrowest majority and Trump lost the popular votes by 4 million votes yet because of the bizarre electoral system Trump was declared the winner. There are many examples of winners by crooked means. There were hundreds of examples on Olympic Gold medallists.  For some reasons my nose tells me that justice will prevail in the end and Trump and his cronies  will be counting the 9 steel bars soon.

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