Trump’s Connivance

As far as the west is concerned, Russia hasn’t been playing by the rules for a while now. Accusations of meddling in the US elections, the Salisbury poison attack, and now seizing Ukrainian ships and sailors. But President Trump has a more complicated relationship with Russia than his predecessors and although he’s said he might cancel a meeting with President Putin over the dispute with Ukraine, there are questions about how close he is to the Russians. Questions that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller may soon answer as he enters the endgame of his investigation into Russian interference in Donald Trump’s election, and what those close to the now-president knew about it. Vitaliy Shevchenko in Moscow and Tara McKelvey and Anthony Zurcher in Washington prepare us for the upcoming flurry of news headlines.

Producers: Harriet Noble and Georgia Coan

Editor: John Shields

Courtesy of BBC

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