Brexit and Corbyn

A handful of people inspired by none other than Mr Vladimir Putin are hell-bent to pursue their determination to get out of the European Union at any cost. Their notion only satisfies their own super ego.  Clear analysis of the  repercussion of leaving the European Union will prove a total disaster for UK. If I have my own way I will treat the Brexiteers as traitors who care nothing but themselves. One of them said “they can whistle”.  This precisely the point, their attitude is the Remainers  can  “Whistle”.

They care nothing about the border between Northern Ireland and the South.

They don’t care about the thousands of employees losing their job from companies moving out of UK. European Air Bus alone employs 14,000 workers and further 100,000 in the  supply chain

They don’t care about Human Rights Laws

They don’t care about International Laws.

The Referendum was won on false premises by the narrowest margin.  Out of about  45 million of eligible voters only 33 million voted and brexiteers were about 17 million and 16 million against. The 12 million who have not voted have been left out of recognition all together.  No one dispute the fact that in 2015 when the Referendum was held the full facts were not transparent  nor understood by the majority. Yet this war mongering Brexiteers  have the audacity to brand the Remainers as villains. The ultra Right Wing   Daily Express has  never failed to criticise Jeremy Corbyn, according to Daily Mail and Leo McKintry Jeremy Corbyn is responsible for the  present trouble  get consensus amongst  the Members of Parliament . The guy, although a remainer, is prepared to go along with the referendum result regardless of how dishonestly the Brexit was won, yet

What exactly is the reason for not having a Second referendum?

Fear of losing? Fear of displeasing Putin? Fear of peace and harmony with our European partners?

Mr Fox, Putin  is not your friend  nor Aaran Banks  and  your duty is to  try to be loyal to your own country. This advice goes for the alligator  mouthed  Nigel Farage as well.

The language used by Daily Express  and some of its despicable columnists like Leo McKinstry  should be made illegal.  According to them anyone arguing against Brexit  is a Traitor, brain-dead, air-head morons. Intellectual prodigy and philanthropist is Leo McKinstry, on the contrary,  this Leo McKinstry is the  twin brother of Trump’s aid Stephen Miller, heartless, spineless, opportunistic  scum.  For them helping other is a crime, arse liking is fashionable.

It is not hard to many to understand that Capitalism has failed, that brought the world to present calamitous situation.  Maximising Profit has become the gospel,  propagating greed and selfishness at the cost of misery to millions.

Elect Jeremy Corbyn to be the Prime Minister  of UK and  Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden  or any Democrat to be the next President of USA to bring sanity back to the Most Powerful Nations to restore democracy.

A word of advice to the Senior Labour Politicians.  Your sulking and rebelling against Jeremy Corbyn  can only help the Tories therefore you are advised to support the democratically elected leader of the party. Yvette Cooper, Stephen Kinnock, Hillary Benn ,  Chukka  Umunna , Liz Kendell, Angela Eagle  and Alan Johnson please support Jeremy Corbyn to bring Labour Party to the governing Party. There is no alternatives to your support to win the next election.

Lincoln Rasalingam

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