Rough Justice

Moronic Bank Manager

While I was self employed struggling to build up my business, I secured a  lucrative Government contract that required some initial capital expenditure equivalent to my two months mortgage payment.

I made an appointment with the Building Society  to ask the Manager to bear with me for  a maximum of two months. I arrived at the Building Society’s office  office  promptly where I was greeted by the Manager who seated me comfortably  opposite to her desk. I showed her the signed contract and explained to her the nature of my contract which was worth over £1 million. She listned carefully and said:
“Can’t you forget about the business and concentrate in paying the mortgage?”
I replied “Thank you” and got up,  said good bye and walked away.

The building Society was Cheltenham and Gloucester and branch was at Victoria, London.  It was in 1993 or 1994.

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