Permanent Cure for HIV/AIDS?


HIV appears to be cured in a second patient in potential breakthrough

Timothy Ray Brown, also known as the “Berlin Patient “ who is  the only person in history who has been treated successfully for HIV—and it is all thanks to stem cells transpant. The 53 year old from Seattle   was diagnosed  with HIV  in 1995 and Lukeamia  in 2006. He and a  UK patient (who doesn’t want his name disclosed)  both  were  transplanted with stem cells as treatement for cancer. Their donors  had two mutated copies of CCR5  receptors  which made them resistant to HIV..

Long before Mr Brown  was diagnosed with HIV he was advocating for safe sex practices in his hometown of Seattle, Washington, a city whose known cases of AIDS were in the dozens by the time he graduated from  high school. Nobody could have known that the disease Brown fought against would affect him for years to come.

Mr Brown was reported to have undergone two stem cell transplants  in 2007 and 2008  respectively  and remains off antiretroviral therapy today and is considered cured.


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