Rough Justice


Caster Semenya
Fatma Whitbread Olympic Gold medalist



Caster Semenya  is a girl, she was born a girl and she has always been a girl unlike Jared Kushner who was born a girl and became a man in order to marry the daughter of Donald Trump.

The hypocrisy of the  Sporting Authorities have gone bonkers  to  ban Caster Semenya from competing again because she has been winning Olympic gold Medals and many other trophies because she has been winning competitions. The reason for banning her is cited as she has  higher amount of testosterone. If the idiotic sporting authority was appointed to supervise the IQ tests of human beings, Albert  Einstein, Isaac Newton,  Leanado Da Vinchi, Stephen Hawkins, Alexander Bell, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Charles Babbage  would have been banned from their research  because their neuron levels were high. We will probably  still be using primitive oil based fire lights and smoke signals, sign language with berating noise combined with covering our modesty private parts with leaves. We might not even know our  private parts and may even think our brains are in our bellies

The IAAF should realise that all human and animals are born with bones, flesh, nerves and blood. They also have brains, spirits and mobility. Each living creature is unique with differing levels qualities. Individual skills  are developed to varying level however whatever they are  born with should not  be altered as the consequence cannot be predicted or the present level of science is incapable of predicting the consequences.

Suggesting to Semenya to administer hormone treatment  to reduce the testosterone is not only inhumane it has a sadistic connotation.  If she is White,  would these do-gooders suggest such brutality? The British Fatima Whitbread who won  Olympic Gold Medal for throwing Javelin  did have identical features as Semyneya so are  Serena Williams and Martina Navratilova    yet no frowning of surprise or objections ever raised.  The Holywood actress Marilu Henner has a photographic memory – she was born with it. She could remember every event she came across since she  was  about 10 years old.  There are many like her in the world. Do we eliminate them form competitive quiz shows? Usain Bolt is  6’ 5”  Should he have been banned from competitive  races. Should the Race horses Frankel, Winx, Black Caviar, the Secretariat, Brigadier Gerrad etc been administered with hormone treatment? When these horses were running no punters ever waged any bets on other horses. Did this stop other horses competing with these champions?

I humbly suggest to IAAF to refrain from tampering with God’s creations. Semenya  had committed no crimes, never administered any power enhancing substance.  She worked hard to get fit to participate in competitive athletic activities. She doesn’t deserve interference from anybody.

Jared Kushner the transvestite son -in-law of Donny Trump
Multiple Tennis chanpoion Serena Williams

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