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George Floyds murder case

George Floyds murder case

George Floyd, Derek Chauvin and the Devil’s Advocate Eric Nelson

According to Eric Nelson, the Lawyer defending the murderer Policeman Derek Chauvin, killing a sick person is not a crime.

From what I have seen, the four policemen who murdered the blackman George Floyd were guilty  and they deserve punishment in the form of life sentence without parole to the three policemen and death penalty for Derek Chauvin who took revenge on his ex colleague George Floyd. Derek Chauvin and George Floyd were employed as security guards at El Nuevo Rodeo Club nightclub as recently as last year. Rodeo club, down the street from Minneapolis’ Third Precinct, according to Maya Santamaria, the owner of the club.

Floyd, who Santamaria called a “great guy” known for his big smile, often worked as an extra security guard on Tuesdays when the club held popular “urban” music nights. Chauvin served as an off-duty police officer for the club for almost 17 years.

“I wouldn’t characterize them as knowing each other,” Santamaria told CNN’s Josh Campbell in an interview. “We did all work together at the club at different points of time, certainly on Tuesday nights on and off. We were all working on the same team.”

Santamaria added, “We all worked together certain nights and they would have crossed paths.”

This particular Friday night  on the 10th April 2020  in our Paraiso Lounge we were particularly busy as one of the guests was Jennifer Anniston and the house was full and we had to direct some of the crowd to the lower floors from our third floor. I believe both Floyd and Chauvin  were working on that day. One guest who did not want to give her  personal details told the CNN reporter Josh Campbell that she remember seeing Chauvin and Floyd in close proximity  talking to a tall  attractive woman and a little later she saw the woman was escorted by Floyd to the exit door.

What actually happened was that the tall woman had sought help to get out of the club and approached the uniformed  guard Chauvin for help. Chauvin had different idea to make use of the opportunity to promote his desire to form relationship with her who noticed another  uniformed black man nearby and went over straight to him after snubbed  at  the interest of Chauvin. She was helped by Floyd to get out of the club. This had registered vengeance in the little Chauvin’s mind.

The opportunity presented itself for Chauvin to indulge in his anticipated vengeance on  Floyd.  When Floyd was pushed into to front seat of the car  the first thing he said to Chauvin was “you are going to kill me”.

Another security  guard, Mr Pinney worked at the same club told CBS news that Floyd and Chauvin each other pretty well as they bumped heads as Chauvin’s intolerance of black people and some of the club’s patrons.

I don’t suppose the Jury is aware of the background.

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