Rough Justice

Double Standard


Wikimedia doesn’t give the exact date of birth of Shamim Begum. It  says she was born in the year 2000 and she went to Syria to join ISIS in February 2015.  This means she was just 15 years old when she went on her adventure. When I was 15 years old I not only thought but convinced that I would knockout Archie Moore,  Rocky Marciano and Sugar Ray Robinson. The only obstacle was my mother who would punish me if I got into fight with anyone. I began to realise how stupid I was when I  was sixteen  but did not want to admit my demeanour until I was about 19 or 20 years old.

This girl Shamim  set off to join a banned group at the tender age of 15. Probably she did not even know it was a banned group.  Did she deserve any punishment by the Government Might. The UK Parliament’s leader of the house Ms Andrea Leadsom has said in order to protect the citizens of this country she should not be allowed to enter Britain.

A British White girl in the name of Sandra Gregory received a death sentence for drug smuggling in Thailand but  her sentence was reduced to 25 years but after serving 4 years she was brought back to serve her remaining sentence in UK. Due to the heavy lobbying  by the British Government she was pardoned and released from prison after the Thai government had pardoned her. She later graduated from Oxford and published several books. When she was arrested she was 28 years old whereas Shamim Begun was 15 years old.

The reason for  the double standard can only be the colour of their respective skin of the  two girls. One is White and 28 years old and the other is non-white and 15 years old whose citizenship has been revoked and allowed  her babies to die.

Where is the Justice?  The British Government want to protect its citizens from terrorists. What happened to the protection to Shamim who is a British Citizen? Britain has one of the formidable military in the world. Only recently added a aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth at the cost of £3 billion.

The Royal Navy maintains a fleet of technologically sophisticated ships and submarines including two aircraft carriers, two amphibious transport docks, four ballistic missile submarines (which maintain the UK’s nuclear deterrent), six nuclear fleet submarines, six guided missile destroyers, 13 frigates, 13 mine- …

UK Armed Forces Equipment and on  1 April 2018 there were 10submarines and 70vessels in the UK Armed Forces (60vessels in the Royal Navy Surface Fleet; 10vessels in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary). The reduction from 11 submarines in 2017 to 10 in 2018 is due to HMS TORBAY being decommissioned in 2017. Land•In the UK Armed Forces, there were a total of 4094Key Land Platforms at 1 April2018, consisting of:-1759 Armoured Personnel Carriers -1907Protected Mobility Vehicles-428Armoured Fighting Vehicles. •The only change in number since2017is with Armoured Personnel Carriers, which isdue to a reduction in the number of BulldogArmoured Personnel Carriers(from 895 in 2017to 891). •At 1 April 2018, there were 31Regular Army Battalions in the Infantry and 15Army Reserves Battalions. Air. On 1 April 2018 there were 646Fixed-wing aircraft and 332 Rotary-wing aircraft in the UK Armed Forces.Although thisis a reduction for both since last year, the numberof Fixed-wing aircraftrecorded as‘in service’ has increased (from 309 in 2017 to 330). •In addition,there were281Unmanned Aircraft Systems as at 1 April, unchanged from the previous year.

Yet this strength is not adequate to protect the country from the 19 year old Shamim Begum who was not trained in any combat but spent  all four years in procreation. The maximum number of children she could physically produce were produced but all died. I would classify the latest death of her baby was a murder by the British Government.



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