Rough Justice

Sinister Practices

I wanted to transfer some money from my Post Office Savings account to my Barclys current account. I have done this a few times before but I can never remember the sequence. So I ventured the expedition last night. I went through the whole instructions to find the word “withdraw”, couldn’t get anywhere then I tried “Withdraw money”, no luck, “transfer money” no joy then I remebered it that  I had to telephone the Post Office to get the money transferred or he told me to press on a certain button. I pressed ‘Help’ and eventually I found the word ‘withdraw’. I got excited  but it didn’t last long for the excitement to fizzle out. It says ‘to withdaw money  you login and simply follow the instructions! There are no naffing instructions of any kind to withdraw money. It is 5.45 am I don’t want to telephone now but will wait until 9.00 am..Or do I try to phone now and put my Soul through the torture of listening to the Options and and the repeated assurance of how important my call is? No, I am very  old,  I don’t have the energy. Well, it is not so atrocious as calling the HMRC.. or holding  a  season ticket from British Rail or booking a ticket with Ryan Air online.  I consoled myself.

Where is this country going? Where is the  humanity going? Where is the Internet and Technology heading?

If I have my way I will prosecute Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Post Office, HMRC, British Rail, British Banks, Ryan Air, the Utility Companies, Fox News and Donald Trump along with Rupert Murdoch. They are all enemies of humanity

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