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Brett Kavanaugh

Donald Trump should never have been elected as President  whose quality of behaviour will never be presidential. He has been demonstrating his ‘quality’  on every opportunity  for which he was exposed to.  Take for example Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to be the supreme Court Judge. There have been multiple allegation against him of sexual misconduct.    One of the accuser was cross examined and her testimony was considered very credible by all concerned. The defence’s claim is that  it was a mistaken identity.  Therefore  an FBI investigation has been instigated. Even before the investigation started Trump is passing judgment of  not guilty.  He has passed similar judgment to many of his Aids and proved to be guilty and convicted. Yet this man appears to have learnt nothing. He may be right but  shouldn’t he keep his mouth zipped  until the outcome of the investigations are completed?  Why is he putting his flat feet in deep water repeatedly?

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