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Cannibal at the Helm

When 9/11 happened 2996 people including 19 hijackers died. Osama Bin Laden was blamed and an exclusive and dedicated war was waged by USA until Osama was killed and  the mission was accomplished on May 2, 2011 by United States Navy SEALs of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group (also known as DEVGRU or SEAL Team Six). Bin Laden was killed because he was the Leader of a group responsible for many terrorism acts. Yet 250 terrorism acts this year in USA alone, excluding the New Zealand killings of 53 people, over 3000 innocent people including many children and women mercilessly murdered by a Group called White Supremacists based in USA and spreading in many White Countries, the Leader of which is none other than the Current President of the United States of America Donald John Trumpf whose ancestry traces back to an alleged cannibal family in Germany. Yet no war is waged or even began to wage against this Kremlin appointed Trumpf, (the name and surname has been twisted countless times to cover up his track of horrible crimes over generations of the notorious Drumpf family lineage in Karlstadt, Germany). If any justice in the world exists, Donald Trump alias Damien Drumpf should have been arrested immediately after the El Paso incident yesterday, the failure of which has resulted in a further loss of 9 lives in Ohio today.

Trumpf’s motive is emerging very clearly without any ambiguity. He wants to bring in Emergency and curfew Orders to enable him to disband the Congress and the Senate to take control of the entire Administration with an iron fist to permanently establish Dictatorship.
Please America, it is not too late to put down this crazy modern day Hitler to restore democracy in the Great USA. I am sure American patriots like Dan Coates, James Comey, Robert Mueller and former President George Bush will concur with my assertions. ________________________________________

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