Thick Skinned Politicians

I thought the skin of Hippopotamus is thicker than most animals however I have been proved wrong this week by none other than the British Conservative Prime Minister Mrs Teresa May  whose skin proved to be many times thicker than the Hippo.

Against massive opposition she submitted her Terms & Conditions of Brexit to the  British Parliament and it was defeated by 230 votes, apparently this is the worst defeat  ever to a sitting Government. It has become a habit of her not to listen to her colleagues  and advisers she called for a General Election despite having  healthy majority in the Parliament and lost the majority. She was able to form a coalition government with the help of the Democratic  Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.

And today there was a no-confidence in Government motion invoked by the opposition Labour party and the Government survived by a tiny majority scoring 325 against 306. If the 10 Members of the DUP has voted against, the result would have been 316 to 315   in favour of the Opposition motion  yet this thick skinned woman had bragged about the victory without shame. Any other politician would have resigned to make way for a suitable candidate.

If the Democracy is to survive in the West, politicians like Teresa May and Donald Trump should be banned from entering politics.

The essential and inherent quality of a Politician must be an interest in helping others and helping the country. These two politicians are pregnant with super ego and selfishness in that they would never lift a finger to help another human being without the guarantee of some benefit.

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