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Suspicions   imply something has gone wrong without explanation.  An investigation   on the  suspicion will  prove either suspicion is justified or not.  The wrong doer or the guilty person  is the only person  who would object to the investigation. The innocent person will insist on the investigation in order to clear his/her name from any suspicions.

If a sum of money is missing from a household, everyone in the household is a suspect.

Only by investigation the truth can be established. This notion is an established fact.  While it is true that some persons are beyond suspicion however when such persons holding high position in public offices they should never be exempted from scrutiny. In fact a responsible officer should advance and lead any inquiries. If he/she objects to such scrutiny and inquiries then his/her integrity would be questionable. When his/her conduct becomes questionable then a decent person who occupies the public office will resign to make way for the inquiry to conduct and conclude. Then the public will be more than happy to reinstate or reappoint the person. Alas, now we have a President who breaks all the norms. He has a track record of multiple bankruptcy, more than a dozen women accusing him of sexual misdemeanours, running a bogus university, suspicion of being a traitor, accused of having incestuous relationship with his own daughter, proven mendacity over 5000 time in one year while in the White House, Obstruction to justice, seeking comradeship with the proven enemies of the country,  bribery, nepotism  etc..and he is still in the office. One might wonder why and how.

Is the status quo his fault or the American Voters fault. As Bill Maher quoted Trump is a Crook but our President with extraordinary executive power. He is surrounded by lying scoundrels like Rudy Giuliani, shameless liers like Sara Huckerbee Sanders, Kellyanne Convey, and fact benders like Rick Santorum, Sean  Hannity of Fox News, Jason Miller,  Kayleigh McEnany   and heartless descendant  of Count Dracula  like Stephen Miller.  Bill Maher asked “what one can do if he doesn’t respond to Court Orders or any commands to get him out of White House? Call the Dog the Bounty Hunter?” he is like a chewing gum stuck on the heel of a shoe. It is not easy for the normal judiciary and law enforcers to get this mountain  of lard to remove from the White House. The things he has done is extra ordinary in that no country would have ever thought possible. He appointed his lackeys in as Supreme Court Judges like  Brett Kavanaugh,  Arse licking Attorneys like Jeff Sessions as Attorney Generals. When this arse licker left Trump proposed another arse licker’s arse licker Matthew Whitaker  who unjustifiably criticised the Russian interference inquiry  in the US Election. His co-conspirators  will never know the true character of Trump how he will use them and discard them like women discarding tampons and pampers.  His right-hand man Michael Cohen had served this man religiously for several years dancing to every tune  mustered  and when caught Trump discarded him when his roles in the true crimes exposed. Cohen said he lied to protect Trump   this    loyal  behaviour of Cohen  was used by Trump to defend is  sordid affairs claiming Cohen was a liar and his testimony should not be taken  seriously.


In essence  what Trump has been doing everything what Vladimir Putin wanted Trump to do. There are pattern of behaviour totally akin to the behaviour of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and indeed Vladimir Putin.  Common theme: Truth is not truth, what you see and what you hear are not the true picture, What I say is Gospel like truth not what you read in the fake newspapers. This is what Hitler said: Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

We are witnessing the Hitler’s philosophy repeated on a daily basis by Donald Trump.

If Democracy is to breath in the West Donald Trump should be put behind bars immediately, not tomorrow. In order to remain in power, in order to become a dictator in a one Party State Donald Trump will be advised by Putin to start a World War. Any delay in arresting Trump is another step towards the World War III.





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